1999 Constitution certificate that Authenticates The Restructuring Of Nigeria

1999 Constitution legal certificate that Authenticates The Restructuring Of Nigeria

 The legal icon  Professor Auwalu Yadudu, to the late Head of State,General Sani Abacha reminds over the weekend that contrary to some speculation, the 1999 Constitution as amended  is a legal certificate that authenticates the restructuring of Nigeria.

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In a press view signed by him yesterday, Yadudu, a professor of law at the Bayero University, Kano pointed out that what is not made available for in the 1999 Constitution is ‘’referendum’’ which some people are demanding  in the country.

He remarked that, both the constitution and the National Conference 2014 report, otherwise referred to as Confab 2014 report rather advocated for the resolutions of the National Assembly in the event of embarking on restructuring of the country.

‘’Speaking personally as a lawyer, as opposed to representing the North, l would have no objection to engaging with NASS should it decide to treat the report of the National Conference as an input

towards “restructuring” the Nigerian federal arrangement along the lines contained in the dated report or even some more fundamental redressing of the contours and substance of our federal arrangement,Yadudu stated.

He said, ‘’going by the provisions of the 1999 Constitution, nothing barricade the nation  Nigeria from undertaking any form of restructuring of our federation or political, legal, social or economic system.

The 1999 Constitution is legal certificate that authenticates the restructuring of the powers of all institutions created under it. Therefore for any form of restructuring to be legitimate it must conform to the procedures and processes enshrined in the constitution.”



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