Buhari Pushes Perma-Sec out For Awarding Contracts Valued at Billions Of Naira To Himself

Buhari Pushes Perm-Sec out For Awarding Contracts Valued at Billions Of Naira To Himself


A Permanent Secretary figured out in the current administration of president Buhari  to have been using his office to syphone the Federal Government through the award of numerous contracts worth billions of Naira to himself has been pushed out  of his duties by President Muhammadu Buhari for awarding contracts valued at billions of naira to himself.

The permanent secretary,  who was appointed by Buhari in 2015, was shown the door out, Tuesday, March 21 on the orders of the President..

A source in the ministry confirmed that two police officers  was seen taking away the sacked permanent secretary from the Federal Secretariat, Abuja, raising eyebrows as to what might have led to such an action according to information reaching our desk.

The President it was gathered ordered the immediate removal of the top civil servant, who supervised over the affairs of one of the strategic ministries handling intervention program mes in the country following evidence against him that he awarded contracts to companies belonging to him.

further information reaching us revealed  that the sacked permanent secretary had engaged several strategies to evade a sting operation, which had been planned by one of the anti-graft agencies, thereby making it difficult for the operatives to track him down.


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