Federal Government gearing Up to Upgrade Tertiary Institution Curriculum

Federal Government gearing Up to Upgrade Tertiary Institution Curriculum


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The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is gearing up to develop and upgrade the curriculum of Tertiary institutions of higher learning in the country.The Government has identified mismatch between academic programmes that are being taught in tertiary institutions and the basic skills and abilities required in the labour market as the major cause of youth unemployment in Nigeria. 

The Government has come to realize that until the anomaly currently present in-between labour and education  is corrected by giving priorities for periodic capacity building for teachers , Nigeria would never realize both of its vision 2020 and 2050 respectively as presumed by some super powers in an alarming record of annual unemployment figures, which is not good for the country.

Toward achieving this goal, the Federal Ministry of Education yesterday invited stakeholders to Abuja  in order to recommend durable and realistic solutions to the challenges responsible for the slow pace of educational development in Nigeria. 

Director of Science and Technology Education within the ministry, Mr. Joel Ojo, expressed concern of government regarding the inability of many university and polytechnic graduates to immediately work as required when employed at their different work places due to  absence of requisite soft and hard skills required to be executed in an ideal corporate environment.

He was represented by Deputy Director, Vocational Education, Mr. Emma Ocheja, who challenged stakeholders to identify the mismatches in the curriculum or otherwise and design a concrete copy for national plan and continuous professional development of teachers and laboratory technicians as well as identify sources of funding for these activities. 

He listed low quality teaching, obsolete teaching and learning tools and poor student-teacher ratio as being some of the reasons for the skill gap, adding that students eventually graduate with deficient skills in communication, technical competence and analytical skills for problem-solving.

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