Nigerian Army 2016 Short Service Combatant Recruitment

Nigerian Army 2016 Short Service Combatant Recruitment

This week, the Nigerian army started its recruitment into the Short Service Combatant

Below are steps on how to apply for Nigerian Army 2016 Short Service Combatant, entry requirement etc

ENTRY REQUIREMENT for the 2016 Nigerian Army Recruitment
  1. Must be a Nigerian either by birth, nationalization etc.
  2. Must not be more 29 years old by October 2016 and not less than 24 years old.
  3. Must be medically, mentally and physically fit.
  4. Must be recommended by at least 2 recognizable referees who will attest to the applicant’s character and integrity. Civilians could be recommended by a Local Government Chairman/Secretary or an officer of the Armed Forces that is not below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent or an Assistant Commissioner of Police and above who must hail from the state of the applicant. Passport photographs of referees to be affixed to the attestation letter.
  5. Candidates must submit a letter of Attestation from their former institutions.
  6. Recommended height of at least 1.68m (for male) and 1.65m (for female).
  7. Not have been convicted by any court of law. Military personnel must be free from any disciplinary case which must be endorsed by the Commanding Officer/Commander.
  8. Have at least a first degree of not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND of not less than Lower Credit in the arts, sciences or humanities from any recognized institution of learning in Nigeria.

  9. Possess valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or Local Government Council  or valid age declaration.

  10. Possess a valid certificate of state of origin.

  11. Applicants (less serving members of the Armed Forces) must possess NYSC discharge certificate or a valid exemption as the case may be.

  12. Only academic credentials obtained from 2011 to date will be considered for the recruitment.

  13. Candidates must present contact addresses and telephone numbers of parent/guardians and Next of Kin.

  14. Candidates must not have any body inscriptions or tattoos.

  15. Candidates must provide all original copies of their educational certificates (primary to post secondary).

  16. Service personnel must present valid military identity cards and letters of recommendations by their Commanding Officers/Commanders.  They must also present valid letter(s) of NA sponsorship in tertiary academic institutions.  Additionally, they must have served for a period of not less than 5 years in the unit.

  17. Candidates must not be members of any cult/society/fraternity

    3.    Short Service Combatant will be granted for 10 years.  Six years will be on active list renewable thereafter for a period up to 3 years.  No extension is allowed  after the ninth year of commission except on conversion to Regular Combatant where applicable.

        a.    Officer cadets who successfully complete the military training shall be granted the rank of Second Lieutenant.

        b.    Conversion to regular commission is not automatic.  It is based on availability of vacancy and other criteria that are or will be in force from time to time.

        c.    All graduating officer cadets must sign an acceptance on the terms and conditions governing the Short Service Combatant Commission before they are granted commission into the Nigerian Army.

        d.    The reckonable period of service will be based on the date of commencement of cadet training of both civilian and military personnel entrants.


    4.    The following will apply:

    a.    Applications are to be made online.

    b.    To apply:
    (1) Log on to to create an account.
    (2) Read the Qualification Criteria.
    (3) From the Home Page, Select SSC application.
    (4) On successful registration, you will receive an email notification containing your login details.
    (5) Click on ‘Login’ to complete the application form.
    (6) Ensure all required documents are uploaded:
    -passport photograph.
    -educational certificates.
    -evidence of membership of any professional body.
    -certificate of state of origin.
    -birth certificate or age declaration

    c.    Print Out.   Applicants must print out their online generated photo-slip on completion of their

    application. The first page is to be signed by a Court of Law and the second page is to be signed by

    the Local Government Chairman/Secretary or any military officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or

    equivalent and above who hails from your state. Successful applicants are required to present their

    printed photo-slip to the selection board during interview

    5.    All applications must be submitted not later than 13th June 2016.

    6.    For further information, you may call 07046349788 and 09099170154, or visit

    For support and complaints, call 07018447913, 08054815787 or email

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