Nigeria’s Economic Hullabaloo The Way out

Nigeria’s Economic Hullabaloo The Way out

Recently, I spent the whole evening discussing with a friend, we didn’t talk about our own personal lives. We spoke about the sardonic situation of Nigeria. About the wickedness in the political high places of our country. I’m always embittered by the things I see in our society everyday. People die like fowls daily in motor accidents because of bad roads, diseases are easily contacted, many die of hunger, open gutters everywhere, pollution from generators due to poor electricity supply, bad water, poor health services, the inability and incapability of youths to get married, even at 35 years of age, because they cannot take care of themselves well, let alone bearing the responsibility of a family.

Unemployment everywhere, I see people who are well-dressed in suits on Nigerian roads, coming to beg for transport fare. I look at them and become sad. People who are old enough to be my uncle. That is the sad reality in Nigeria. The money that is meant for the masses is being looted and shared by a microscopic few occupying political seats. Nnamdi Kanu was even economical with the truth when he called Nigeria a zoo. Nigeria is not a zoo. It is a jungle. It is a place where everyone must fight for his own survival. And what kind of justice do you expect from a jungle like Nigeria? Jungle justice. Is this the kind of economy where the government wants to fight corruption? It will never be possible. Corruption and crime will continue to linger in Nigeria as long as the government continues to fail in its responsibilities to the citizens.

Many civil servants were not given salaries to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I know those states. The government officials threatened them that they must not speak out. They silenced them. They denied them their rights. I know the problem we have as Nigerians: fear. People are afraid because nobody wants to be a scapegoat. When we continue to live in fear, we will continue to suffer, silently. We will die, silently. Our children will also pick the sufferings from where we left them. Then they will curse us in the future because we have neglected our responsibility. I’m getting disappointed in Buhari, gradually. If Buhari is playing party politics, then I’m sorry for Nigeria. They said the money he budgeted for food in Aso Rock is times two of what Goodluck Jonathan budgeted. What are these animals eating for devil’s sake? Will they bring their food from heaven? Who has cursed Nigeria with bad leaders?

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Political War in Abia State- The Hand Behind it

Buhari promised he would pay N5,000 to unemployed graduates. I want to tell you, it can never happen. It will never happen because the money will be eaten by some stupid and senseless animals before it gets to the respective owners. It will also never happen because Nigeria does not have a proper database. I’m sorry for my country. Nigerian politicians only travel abroad without learning anything, shame on them. If you have a politician as a father and he is corrupt, shame on you. Shame on all the people who are in the National Assembly. Shame on all the people in Aso Rock. Shame on any politician who has ever travelled of out Nigeria, who saw how things are being done in other countries, but who come home and refuse to sit down and think on how to make their own country better. It is a great shame on you. God will punish all of you. If you are among the people who are contributing to the sufferings of Nigerians, God will punish you.

Go to other countries, people are getting married at 18. They do it because their economy is good. Most Nigerian youths dare not try that. If you are the reason why most Nigerian men are getting married at 38, God will punish you again and again and again. You will suffer like Nigerians have suffered in your hands. If you are the reason why our brothers and sisters are dying in motor accidents because of bad roads, you will never go unpunished. Do you even know that 70% of Nigerians cannot spend five dollars on feeding themselves daily? That is why the people are dying. That is why they are getting sick, because they are not eating healthy. It is very easy for youths in Nigeria to kill themselves because of N1000. I don’t blame them. Poor people will always be angry. They will be ready to do anything for money.

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In Babatunde Gbadamosi’s voice, Lord, please, bring hardship into the lives of those using their positions to make it impossible to enjoy the fruits of our labour in Nigeria. I have heard people shouting entrepreneurship. Do you think it is so easy to stand on your own? And even if you want to do it, won’t you need money to start? Realistically speaking, there are a lot of intelligent and talented people in Nigeria, whose wings of intelligence and talent have been plucked because they have no one to support them. Come to Agege, Ajegunle, Idumota and Ojuelegba in Lagos, I will show you. Come to Challenge, Bodija, Alalubosa, Molete in Ibadan, they are there. Come to Taiwo, Challenge, Unity, and Post Office in Ilorin, you will see them plenty. What shall we say about the professional prostitutes in Abuja? Did you bother to ask what led some of them into prostitution? Nigeria is still enjoying peace because people are still using church mind. If nothing is done on time, a time will come in Nigeria when all of you politicians who think you are rich today will not be able to sleep in your houses again. Nigerians will come out in mass to torment and terrorize you, just like you have been tormenting them. They will kill you and kill your people. They will shed your blood. And they will allow the birds of the air to feed on your carcass, because you have done evil.

I want to call on President Muhammad Buhari to call on all the computer scientists in Nigeria to find a way of developing a proper and reliable database for the citizens of Nigeria. National Identity management commission is a flop. It is a great and huge failure. Those people don’t even know what they are doing. I haven’t collected mine since five years ago. They keep giving excuses. Buhari should close them down, so that they can stop wasting our money. Also, grants should be given to every Nigerian citizen, whether employed or not employed, that is after the database must have been created. This will considerably reduce crime in our society. The salaries and allocations of politicians should also be reduced. Politicians who are guilty of fraud should also be made to face the heat of the law, irrespective of party. When leaders are lawless, you shouldn’t expect citizens to be law-abiding. No one should be above the law. If the government is responsible, the citizens have no choice than to be responsible as well. May Nigeria be great again!

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By Silvanus Omoniyi

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