Political War in Abia State- The Hand Behind it

Political War in Abia State- The Hand Behind it

Political War in Abia State- The Hand Behind it: Current happening in Abia State and politics

Dr. Ikpeazu, who was declared the winner of the polls, and who also won in the tribunals is not allowed to enjoy his victory as the appeal court sacks him to impose Chief Otti as the State governor. But Dr. Ikpeazu will not just seat they and watch himself de-crowned, he has to act, and act so fast for that matter. He is on his way to Supreme Court in Abuja

The appeal court delivered judgement on the election petition on the last day of the year 2015, ruling that Alex Otti of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) was the winner of the election, and ordered his immediate swearing-in and ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to issue his certificate of return.

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Dr. Ikpeazu’s information commissioner, Comrade Bonnie Iwuoha, in a statement, warned those he said were planning to have Otti, sworn-in illegally to desist from such dastardly act as the state government will not condone it. Everyone is waiting to see what next that will happen in this political war space.

Who is behind this?

Before the April general election this piece was written about the governorship warring parties, chief Alex Otti and Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

“Like the Chameleon, Governor T. Orji has concluded plans to keep Abia perpetually under his control for the foreseeable future. To realize this evil agenda, he successfully planted two candidates in two frontline political Parties: Okezie Ikpeazu in PDP, Alex Otti in APGA. Every political observer saw the dirty drama that led to the emergence of Ikpeazu as the Candidate of PDP and how Otti came from the back door to buy APGA ticket with funds provided by Gov. Orji.

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Obviously, Ikpeazu is Orji’s first choice but in politics, it is essential to always make provision for a ’plan B’ in the event of the unexpected. Gov. T. Orji and his co travelers believe they will rig-in Ikpeazu to succeed Orji but planted Otti in AGPA incase the rigging plot fails.

In the Guber Debate in Umuahia, before the elections, Alex Otti and Okezie Ikpeazu each publicly declared that they will not probe T. Orji if they become the governor of the state. It was only PPA candidate Chikwe Udensi that vowed to probe and recover every kobo belonging to the state, misappropriated by the past administrations.”

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