Who is in charge of Nigeria- 2016 budget is missing

Who is in charge of Nigeria- 2016 budget is missing

How can a President present a country’s budget and take it back? Who is in charge of Nigeria- 2016 budget is missing. You can bear with me that immediately after the breakdown of the 2016 budget appeared on the internet which was posted by an online organization @BudgItNg and further confirmed by the Budget Office of the Federal Government, Nigerians began an online campaign tagged #BudgetOfYams

Suddenly, it looks like they have sneaked the budget back to Aso villa to be cleansed and corrected after the public outcry by Nigerians in what Nigerians tagged a budget of waste and recklessness. PDP termed the budget as a fraud that requires a daily borrowing of N5billion Naira to fund for the next one year.

When the budget was analyzed and criticized for not reflecting the present Nigerian economic realities, president Buhari faithfuls, began name calling and hurling of insults in every cyberspace. They said, ‘Buhari’ their god can never do anything wrong, that he is perfect and can never make any mistake and that he also knew every content of the budget. This is even when president Buhari through his media chat hinted that he has no full idea about all the contents of the 2016 budget.

The question now is, who wrote that budget for president Buhari and convinced him to present it to the National Assembly and the entire world? Can one say that president Buhari is truly in-charge of Nigeria if indeed the 2016 budget was written without his consent and input and given to him to just go and read? What is happening to our nation?

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Now that the truth is that president Buhari has gone and withdrewn the budget back because he could not believe some of the contents he was told were in it at the Media Chat, are we still “Wailing Wailers”?

Vanguard news has it that “President Buhari is betraying the oath of office he took in a very painful manner. Worst still is the inability of the leadership of our legislature to stand and protect our democracy. These are sad times for democracy in our nation.”


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