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Project topic selection – How to choose trendy and ideal Topic for your academic project in Nigeria

Project topic selection

Project topic selection – How to choose trendy and ideal Topic for your academic project in Nigeria


In Nigeria, students are frequently obliged to submit a well-written project as one of the graduation requirements to show their understanding and mastery of the subject. This assignment often comes during the student’s final year, and choosing a project topic may be both thrilling and difficult.

Some students choose their project topics without conducting exploratory, in-depth research, which could involve looking for academic journals, books, and other materials to use in their papers. This could also help them change or improve their topic due to what they discover.

Project topic selection - How to choose trendy and ideal Topic for your academic project in Nigeria
Project topic selection – How to choose trendy and ideal Topic for your academic project in Nigeria

With the above-stated facts, some students often choose topics with a very broad scope, leading to their inability to find enough materials, data and other relevant information relating to the topic. Nevertheless, some students often ignore the project development process, which often includes background research and the brainstorming stage. Some students also forget that a project is a dynamic process, thus becoming afraid of discovering new things. Hence, the write-up will provide useful tips for selecting a trendy project topic in Nigeria.

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Tips for Selecting Trendy Project Topics in Nigeria

This forms the first part of a successful project selection. Begin by making a list of the subjects that interest you. Think about your interests, passions, favourite and captivating academic topics on current happenings related to your field of study. This will help you remain motivated if the project is tied to something you’re enthusiastic about.

After figuring out what you are passionate about, you should do some preliminary research to familiarize yourself with the topic and current issues and trends in your selected field. If you want to get up to speed on the existing literature, reading scholarly journals, books, and reliable online sources is a great place to start. This will allow you to spot blind spots in your understanding and locate promising research avenues.

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In-depth analysis is a vital part of choosing an ideal project. It is a complex process that can be intimidating to some students yet to go through the rigours of choosing a project. A more thorough assessment of numerous criteria is required when choosing a project topic to make sure that it is not only intriguing but also clearly stated, doable, and can provide meaningful results.

It might crucial for you to seek guidance from your assigned project supervisor or any scholar you are familiar with. They can assist in providing you with recommendations and useful insights due to their experience and prowess. Thus, you should endeavor to discuss your thoughts and interest with them as they can assist in refining your project topics or provide you with alternative recommendations.

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Select a topic that is peculiar to the Nigerian environment and has the prospect of significantly contributing to improving an identified problem(s). You may consider environmental, economic, or societal problems plaguing the Nigerian ecosystem. As a guide, topics linked to governance, technology, education, healthcare, or sustainable development is considered trendy and significant.

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After identifying a wide range of topics that interest you, trim down your focus to a particular problem statement or research question; this will assist in maintaining a clear and concise thought process for your research and guarantee that it stays achievable within a specified time frame.

It is important you check if your chosen research topic is feasible. Check if resources such as relevant literature and data that will assist you in executing the research are available and accessible. As a rule, you have to make sure that your selected research topic is researchable and you have what it takes to execute the project successfully.

As you know, the world is in constant state of flux. Thus it is important for you to remain updated with novel trends and developments in your field of study. This will make sure your selected research topic stays timely and relevant.


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